Our printed canvases Mélubie 'Print'

The characteristics of our printed canvases :

The canvas :

Our canvases are 100% Cotton (400g/m2) so that your picture is of the highest possible quality.

The printing :

Thanks to HP Vivera inks and high quality printing, your canvas Mélubie will remain colorful for a very long time and will be of great fineness ! Our printing are far more detail compare what you can see in the virtual workshop (see the example on the right picture).

A logo 'Mélubie' is only printed on the upper side of the frame.

The frame :

With our wooden frames with a thickness of 38mm (1.5 inches), your realization will be a true work of art ! In addition, reinforcements angles have been added for a long lasting Mélubie.

Our handmade painting Mélubie 'Original'

The paintings Mélubie 'Original' are hand painted by the artist Mélubie who adds her personal touch to showcase your creation with original collages ! The features of the canvas and frame are identical to those of the printed pictures Mélubie 'Print '.

Your work will be displayed in the Mélubie gallery and will be numbered by the artist Mélubie.

Illustrations of these paintings will be available very soon...

Your pictures, ready to be hung !

All our frames come with 2 nails to hang your picture. You will just have to hammer these nails in the wall and make sure they are positioned between the 2 reinforcements of the upper corners of the frame.

How to maintain your picture Mélubie

If you want your canvas Mélubie to remain nice and bright, we recommend not to expose it to moisture or to broad daylight. We recommend dusting it once a week, with a feather duster or a soft cloth, gently passing it on the canvas, without any pressure in order not to damage it (do not use a wet cloth).

A gift ? Choose Mélubie paper gift !

In the summary of your order, we offer a gift wrap option that will allow you to receive your picture beautifully wrapped and ready to be offered !