The artist Mélubie

Mélubie is not only a charming portrait created with a few well inspired pencil strokes. Behind it hides our talented Mélubie artist Patricia. Without her, the canvases would be sadly empty !

Our young urban artist, has recently moved to southern France and it is through Mélubie that she expresses her creativity to provide you with ever more original canvases. Aware of the frustrations of the world around her, she is filled with ideas so that you can at last find modern pictures that look like you and are in harmony with the colors of your home.

Patricia heads the Mélubie design office and takes care personally of the handmade creations Mélubie 'Original'. The Mélubie family has recently grown with the arrival of two accomplicies Lutti & Cookie. Aware that it is difficult to satisfy the desires of everyone, Patricia keeps a very careful eye on the suggestions box. So, don't forget to keep informed about our novelties !

So if you have any whims for a picture... try your luck ! A unique experience awaits you : it's your turn to play the artist. You just have to find the right combination for the picture of your dreams...

Do not wait anymore and reveal your talent through the workshop of Mélubie ! It's easy !