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How are the canvases made ?

For its canvases, Mélubie uses only the best materials for a result that meets your expectations : the canvas, 100% Cotton (400g/m2), the wooden frame, 38mm (1.5 inches) thick with reinforced corners, HP Vivera ink for vivid colors.

Is it easy to hang my canvas on the wall ?

The canvases are relatively lightweight, approximately 1000g (2 lb) for a medium size, and do not require a heavy system to be fixed to your walls. Nailing two long pins is enough to fully secure your canvas ! These nails are included with the frames.

How can I be sure to compose a truly unique picture ?

Calculate for yourself the number of combinations, elements / objects, possible to realize each of our pictures ! You will find that the possibility of composing a picture that already exists is unlikely. For example, the Model Painting 'Mélubie Places' has more than a billion billion combinations !

Will the colors of my picture be different from those displayed on my screen ?

The palette of colors used for the Mélubie compositions has been chosen to sublimate your pictures. However, it is possible that the colors of your canvas will be different from those displayed on the site if your monitor has a color profile badly calibrated.

Is it possible to have a special request for my picture ?

Despite the suggestion box and all the customization options offered by the virtual workshop, you would like to make a further customization for your realization ? In this case, we suggest that you contact us to explain your specific request. We will study its feasibility and we will tell you how to proceed when ordering.

Why is it impossible to display the virtual workshop ?

Our Virtual Workshop used for composition uses Adobe Flash technology, which requires the compulsory installation of Flash Player on your browser. For iOS Apple users (iPhone / iPad), you must use another system to use the site Mélubie (a version using Adobe Wallaby HTML5 is being considered for this medium).

Why are the delivery times not shorter ?

To provide maximum satisfaction, Mélubie has chosen to extend the delivery time so that its products be subject to a meticulous quality control. All Mélubie products are custom products individually made on request by our printer (or made by our artist for the paintings 'Original'). In addition, we like to receive and check each of the canvases produced by our printer before sending them to you. The more you wait for them, the more you'll desire them!

Is it possible to pick up my order directly at Mélubie ?

If you want to avoid paying for shipping and if you live close to Nice (France), it is quite possible to pick up your picture directly at Mélubie. The online order process remains the same and we will simply ask you to send us a message or write a comment in the box from the order. A refund of the shipping costs will be made when you come and pick up your picture. We will contact you when your order is ready and will agree for an appointment. The address is available under About Mélubie.fr.

Any other questions ?

If you have further questions, please, visit the dedicated sections concerning :
the artist Mélubie
the quality of the pictures
the procedures for ordering
the security and methods of payment
the information of delivery (countries, timing, costs)
the claims and refunds
your personal data.

And if you still have not found answers to your questions, you can send us a message using the contact form Mélubie.